Nuclear Apocalypse

Contributor: Sandra Sinfield @Danceswithcloud

Idea: Role play/simulation:

1) Whoops Apocalypse: groups of ten – each allocated a character – debate which three remain in the bunker – and who gets ejected;

2) World Building: the war is over – you emerge to rebuild your world – what education (or law, medicine, HE…) system do you build to ensure everybody is housed/fed/meaningful?

3) How do you build self-efficacy in your education system: what songs will you sing…?

Practitioner comments: “Students bond/belong – expectations of passive learning disrupted and active discursive learning is modelled. If run across the first few weeks of a course – students set up for an interactive ride!”

Credits: “AH Halsey said that the way to plan an education system was to design the system you put in place after the revolution… in searching for something I came across an Australian site that offered an apocalyptic scenario – but the link to them is now broken.”

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