Online Scavenger Hunt

Contributor: Jen Schneider

Idea: Search digitally to (i) build a community in your online/onsite classroom and (ii) curate a digital library of course and module resources.

Post an item list on a Padlet board. Title boards to reflect content. Students search virtually and post resources as they are found.

Business Law example: Provide weekly clues to applicable laws, terminology, cases or theorists. Students produce a take-away resource that can be accessed indefinitely.

What board might you make?

Practitioner comments: This exercise is quick to set up, user friendly, flexible and fun to play. The idea promotes engagement and produces content with longevity beyond the constraints of a course session.



Co-created Surveys

Contributor: Robert Jenkins @rbrtjnkns

Idea: Get students to design their own survey. Ask them what they want to comment on. Get groups to work on their own version then open up each one to wider discussion. Then facilitate a concensus and create the survey.

Practitioner comments: “You can use this to help with research method development or even for cohorts to generate their own course evaluation data.”