We thought to put some ideas together on how the #101creative ideas collections could be used with staff and students.

You will find these below. If you have further ideas, we welcome you to add these as comments to this page. Thank you in advance.

Generating new ideas

  1. You could give out pieces of paper or print out postcards to give to participants of a workshop. Each person could write down ideas in response to a discussion with a peer, a short film clip, or in response to a problem. You can download a set of printable postcards with the 101 creative ideas image on to use in workshops: PDF Format 10cm postcards
  2. Do you like to doodle? Why not try using doodlefan. No registration is required and you will have loads of fun developing your ideas.

Using the ideas

  1. Individual ideas or a small selection of ideas could be used within an academic development workshop or event to trigger creative exchange of ideas and identify how specific ideas could be used in a range of educational situations.
  2. A larger number of ideas could be used as a set for discussion with staff and/or students at the beginning of an academic year, programme or module to explore ways to transform learning and teaching into a more stimulating and exciting experience.