Contributor: Sandra Sinfield @Danceswithcloud

Idea: When introducing university reading, start by textmapping. Produce ‘scrolls’ of short but important/interesting academic articles. Get students into groups – one article/group. Each group has to highlight big ideas and/or redact inessential stuff. Option: have collage materials – students can illustrate scrolls and/or produce visual poster of article. Each group presents their article to the class. Tip: cover all of the essential reading for a course in this way.

Practitioner comments: This can take just one-hour – or be spread over a couple of teaching sessions. The latter produces amazing results. Do give out coloured pens, magazines, glue, scissors. Play music while people are working. See the horror of academic reading replaced by something interactive & joyful. See a whole reading list conquered collaboratively.

Credits: Was inspired to discover this by hearing about Dave Middlebrooke and his textmapping project:


Co-create a reading list

Contributor: Chrissi Nerantzi @chrissinerantzi

Idea: Co-create a reading list. We give too much and too often. This is not good for our students and creates reliance and laziness? If we want active thinkers and critical readers, why not invite students to co-create a reading list for their modules. Let’s just give 2 key texts and invite students to add their gems through negotiation. What difference could this potentially make to student engagement with the literature? There is only one way to find out! Try it!