The one and only value jar

Contributor: Chrissi Nerantzi @chrissinerantzi

Idea: What does really matter when we ask our students to evaluate our teaching? For me it is if, how and why a particular experience has been valuable for our students. This is when the idea for the value jar popped into my head.

At the end of a session, I ask students to reflect on the session and share what they got out of it on a sticky note and add it to the jar. Throughout a course, the value jar is filling up. Using different coloured sticky notes for each week or numbering them helps mark milestones, which can be reviewed at the end of a course to celebrate achievements.

Practitioner comments: You can also use the jar at the beginning of the next session to reflect on the previous one.



Give students a voice

Contributor: Angelica Risquez @angelica_tel

Idea: In order to get feedback on my teaching, I stopped asking my students to fill student satisfaction surveys. Instead, I create a presentation where I summarise the design of my module in a picture or infographic and they can leave a voice over or recorded video on what their experience was.