Develop subject and transferable skills

Contributor: Nieky van Veggel @Nieky_WUC, Biosciences.

Idea: In order to encourage development of both subject-related and transferable skills in their curriculum, this assessment asks the students in groups to analyse a new animal feed in the laboratory. Then they are required to design a package and a commercial advertising video for this product. The product design and video were presented by students, after which they were questioned on their work. With some out-of-the-box thinking, this idea could easily be adapted to other disciplines by choosing discipline-specific products.

Practitioner comments: “Students enjoyed the opportunity to be creative and demonstrate their understanding through product design. Some students went as far as to role-play their commercial video or create a 3D model a feed package.”

Credits: Tracey Coop (@TraceyCoop1) and Rosa Verwijs


Film Archives

Contributor: Eleanor Hannan @EHannan14

Idea: Film archives often digitize some or all of their collections, and are full of intriguing footage on every topic. Find a local or national film archive with a digitized archive and search for your subject, or ask students to find relevant clips for a topic. Use this as the basis of discussion.

Practitioner comments: Some of the most fascinating video clips I have seen have come from searching through film archives. They are great for seeing things in a new way, or getting to know a local area.