Music Workshop

Contributor: Sandra Sinfield @Danceswithcloud

Idea: Bring in simple music instruments; castanets, maracas, triangles, yogurt pots with seeds, watercooler containers; conga drums… Talk through the ‘language’ of music: rhythm/volume/speed… how this communicates feelings/ideas… Play a bit of music relevant to your group – discuss how it conveys its meanings. Get people into groups – choose and instrument each – choose a picture from a range offered – ask them to compose to the picture. Choose a participant to help you agree criteria for marking. Groups play – discuss – are ‘marked’. Discuss. De-brief.

Practitioner comments: “This is useful for enjoyment – to seed thinking about composing writing – for building self-efficacy – for developing the ability to think about effective communication – to lead in to presentations. I have used with education students – would love to use with staff on our PGCert/MA.”

Credits: “My colleague Dave Griffiths developed this for Leadership courses – but I asked him to run one for my education students – and it was amazing!”

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