End of project quilt

Contributor: Sandra Sinfield @Danceswithcloud

Idea: At the end of an innovative project or course – or perhaps when a ‘placement’ period ends and you want to bring a cohort back together – produce a friendship quilt. Each person in the group has to produce one panel of the quilt that represents their thoughts/learning/reflections – the pieces are put together and a stunning visual memory of the endeavour is created. Alternatives can include a quilt documentary – where each person is videoed displaying an image or object that represents their story – speaking to it for 30 seconds. The latter is more do-able – the quilt is more memorable.

Practitioner comments: “End of projects reports or reflections can be very performative – something to just do – to get out of the way and move on. It can be a regurgitative and perfunctory act. The production of one meaningful panel takes thought – creativity – time. The final piece is a communal act that stands testimony to that community.”

Credits: “As always with visual practice – I was heavily influenced by Pauline Ridley – and she was the one who made the LearnHigher quilt happen – see: www.learnhigher.ac.uk/about-learnhigher

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