First-teaching-aid Box

Contributor: Chrissi Nerantzi @chrissinerantzi

Idea: Come on, get a first-teaching-aid box Yes, a first-aid box for teaching. A box for the most essential bits and pieces you usually take with you into a session. Lunch boxes are great for this, inexpensive, colourful and stand out. So you won’t loose it🙂 Keeping little essentials in one place, just like a first-aid box, will help you get ready quicker for a session. You won’t have to worry that something is missing. Of course you will need to remember to put the items back into the box after use and stock up if there are items you can not re-use. Everybody’s box will be unique but you might consider placing sticky notes, playing cards, blue tag, a bell, an egg timer, your clicker, markers into this as a start. What will be in your first teaching-aid box?

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