Welcome to 101 Creative Ideas

The 101 Creative Ideas project launched in September 2016 as a #creative initiative and is welcoming contributions from colleagues in higher education across the world to create a practical Open Education Resource (OER) that will help us spread creativity in Higher Education through practical everyday applications and practices.

You can start submitting your ideas now and they will be collated and reviewed in January 2017.All ideas will be added to the project site and the 101 ideas that are selected by a special panel will be shared via Twitter, 1 idea per day up to the start of the World Creativity and Innovation Week in April 2017.


We hope to produce a digital and physical resource too with the 101 most novel ideas. This physical set could then be used to further engage with the ideas in a classroom situation with students and staff. The digital set will be made available for free on this site. Please note, there might be a cost for the physical set to cover production costs, unless we manage to secure funding for this. If you have suggestions on how we could provide the physical resource free of charge, please get in touch with Chrissi to discuss.

We look forward to reading your contributions and the exciting opportunities for creativity in Higher Education these will bring for all of us!

Chrissi (Nerantzi)

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